Getting Acquainted With Tudor Style Architecture

Getting to know tudor style architecture

Could you identify tudor-style out of a line-up of homes?  This beautiful style of home has gorgeous, gothic details and can be found in Austin’s older neighborhoods where homes were built primarily between 1920 & 1945 including Hyde Park, Rosedale, Tarrytown, Brentwood, and even in some of Austin’s “old” suburbs like Georgetown & Westlake.  The style made a come-back in Austin in the 80’s & 90’s when a builder-grade version with fewer details was popular and can be found in neighborhoods like Davenport Ranch and Great Hills.

Could you identify a tudor-style home at first glance?

Traditional Home has a great resource with plenty of photos and examples of tudor homes, identifying classic details such as a brick & stucco exterior and lead glass bay windows.

It all reminds me of an original home that still stands thanks to the home being inherited by a thoughtful daughter and an expansion in the rear of the home.  It’s a style that I hope potential buyers appreciate and intend to keep, even if they choose to update the home.  This article from Traditional Home also includes suggestions for how to update a tudor-style home without taking away from it’s cherished roots.

When I’m asked which style of home I prefer, it’s always a difficult question for me.  Those who know me well have seen me inject as much character into each home I’ve owned, especially my current home since it is my first non-period home.  It’s against that “make it all beige” mentality from the 1990’s and even the 2000’s, but it has always made for a successful resale.  So before you rip out those classic lead-glass windows or paint the charm out of the beautiful brick, be sure to educate yourself on the history of your home and of the style in which it was built.  Older homes were built during times when much more care was put into the design and that character is what people who own the home (and those who later buy it) truly appreciate.

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