Congress Ave Bridge

Congress Ave BridgeEven if you are one of the thousands of new Austinites struggling to find housing or creeping up Mopac, you’ve surely noticed that our population continues to soar.  As a native Austenite, I can clearly remember the Statesman’s headlines announcing the major milestone when the Austin-metro area’s population reached 1 Million in the late 1990s.  Now that figure has more than doubled and is expected to more than triple in the next decade and a half.  (Source: Austin Business Journal)

Of course, living in a sought-after neighborhood, we also regularly get letters claiming that Austin’s real estate is peaking so “call us now to list your home for top dollar”.  I’d love your business, but won’t be making such claims.  As our growth continues, so will the demand for real estate.  As top employers continue to flock to Austin, so will the demand for luxury real estate.  Investing in prime areas such as central Austin & Westlake will continue to pay off.

Now is a great time for a move-up if you’ve been considering one.  Get your home ready to list this spring for the buyers who are already lining up, waiting for homes to be listed after the holidays (call me for advice on the best make-ready investments & resources to get them done right).  Sure, you’ll then be one of those buyers, but you’ll be investing in a home that will be continuing to appreciate now that the secret is out – Austin is the place to be!

Would you like to know about my new listings before they hit MLS?  Over half of my sales never make it to MLS; I specialize in locating homes and buyers (not just throwing something in MLS & waiting, anyone can do that!) “off-market” so your sale can be private and exclusive.

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