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Buyers Sue: Home came with surprise stalker!

Can you imagine buying your dream home only to receive creepy letters from a stalker?  These New Jersey Buyers claim that the stalker harassed the sellers previously and are suing, claiming that the sellers failed to disclose knowledge of this stalker. A New Jersey couple who thought they were buying […]


Are Real Estate Agents Becoming Obsolete?

Let’s face it, it’s a changing world out there and real estate is not immune to the rapidly evolving technologies and access to data.  Does that mean that you will no longer use an Agent to market or purchase your home?  It can be a sensitive topic with Agents, it’s […]

OMG! Must see urban treehouse community

This amazing tree house community is in Italy where architect Luciano Pia sought to create a healthy and unique place to live where nature could be preserved.  Enter:  probably the biggest treehouse ever.  The apartment building is designed around the trees so that they are free to grow and live harmoniously […]